Healthcare - Circa 1850

“A small valise pushed into the darkest corner of an attic – two daguerreotypes with worn covers, both pictures of a young girl, three or four small books with extra fine print, a few other odds and ends. Nothing much you think. But, put the pieces together and a story appears. A sad, sad story that was repeated so many times in so many Candia homes…
That bag belonged to Abby Emerson Lane 1820-1901, a schoolteacher, who married Dr. Richard H. Page. They had five children. Their first two died on the same September day in 1854 – a 2-year old son, a nearly 5-year old daughter, the pretty little girl in the pictures, both victims of the dreaded “throat distemper,” diphtheria. Later another son would live less than a year.”
~ From A Candia Collection by Dott Purington

Dr. Richard H. Page moved to Candia in 1846 and, according to JB Moore, had a very extensive medical practice for nearly thirty years, quite unheard of in those times. In 1848, he married Abbie Emerson Lane, the daughter of John Lane Esq. As stated above, they had five children but, sadly, only two survived. Dr. Page died in 1876 at the age of 57, after many years of suffering much illness.
The collection below includes some of the instruments and equipment that Dr. Richard Page used during his nearly thirty years of practicing medicine in Candia. Many of these items are very recognizable and look much like the same instruments used today… and others seem quite primitive.