The Trustees of the Fitts Museum are appointed by the Candia Board of Selectmen to oversee the maintenence of the building and it's collections, and to ensure that this part of Candia's history is preserved for future generations.

Fitts Museum Trustees

  • Pat Larkin
  • Janet Lewis
  • Linda Maxwell
  • Ron Severino


  • Sandie Allen
  • John Beane
  • Mabel Brock
  • Linda Coleman
  • George Comtois
  • Christine Dupere
  • Grace Page Foster
  • Norma Lewis
  • Jim Lindsay
  • Jean Natoli 
  • Dott Purington
  • Albert Richter
  • Clyde Seavey
  • Mary Stevens
  • Caroline Thibodeau
  • Clara Thomas
  • Winston Thurber
  • Don Weeks