The Fitts Museum building was once known as the Captain Jesse Eaton place. The original one room home (now the kitchen) and a loft above was probably the first dwelling on this site, while the Federal style front section was added around 1820. The Rev. James Hill Fitts purchased the home in 1882 for $745.00 and evidence shows that he and his brother, J. Lane Fitts, established a museum there in 1885. One account states that the museum held a “collection of wood that includes pieces from the old frigate “Constitution” (1799), from an ancient wharf (1631) [and] from the Old South Church in Boston (1720).” These items are still on display in the museum today.
In 1901, the Fitts family donated the building to the town of Candia to house the Smyth Public Library and the Fitts Museum. The library moved into the two upper “chambers” where it remained for the next 25 years. In 1927 it moved downstairs for another 5 years until it moved into a home of it’s own across the street. You can still find glass cases filled with old library books in the back of the Fitts Museum today.

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The War Between the States
May 14, 1861. “My son, John Lane Fitts, enlisted in a Rifle Company at Concord for the term of three years.” (John Fitts diary)  ... read more
About Candia
Though some evidence of the Abenaki or other Native Americans has been found within Candia’s borders, the first settlers came from Old Chester.  ... read more

Candia Cornet Band
Early records show that it began around 1855 and was “reorganized” in 1858 when Jesse Fitts returned from visiting his brothers in Worcester, MA ... read more
Healthcare c 1850
“A small valise pushed into the darkest corner of an attic – two daguerreotypes with worn covers, both pictures of a young girl, three or four small books with extra fine print, a few other odds and ends. ... read more